Ballet Folklorico Esperanza, Inc.

"Preserving Culture One Dance At A Time"


Ballet Folklorico Esperanza is the dream of Al & Kathi Soria  who want  children to learn the Hispanic culture.

We teach our students that Cinco de Mayo is not the true Mexican Independence Day.

That the people in Mexico honor the elderly and even in death the family celebrate their lives by visiting the grave with food and beverage so they can return on Dia de los Muertos to visit with them.

Many countries have played a part in the dances of the Mexican people.  Ships brought slaves from Africa to the harbors of Vera Cruz, Maximilian and Carlotta brought the Polka from Germany during their reign, Flamenco from Spain and lastly even movements from as far away as China.  All these influences together make what is known today as “Baile Folklorico”.

Our Goal

Our goal is to  educate our students in the geography, culture, customs and language of Mexico.  We will  enlighten all through our colorful and entertaining performances and be positive role models for youth in our community.

About Us

Classes are open to children from any ethnic background 5 through 18 years of age. Each student will perform as long as they have shown  interest and dedication to the art. 

Classes focus on dance principles which build strength, balance, posture, grace and discipline.   The students learn the basics of “zapateados” footwork then master the fundamentals of dance including skirt work, various techniques and performance styles.

Giving Back

Our community project is the Goodyear Farms Historic Cemetery where we clean up the grounds, plant flowers and paint as needed, thus teaching the children the rewards of giving back to the community where they reside.


New classes for children begin each Thursday at 6:30 P.M. to 7:30 P.M.

Classes are $60.00 monthly with discounts for more than one family member call for details.

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